Thursday, 21 July 2011

Does it really matter? :/

Okay, my blog yesterday centred on God's time been the best. I google "God's is the best" and came across this interesting article. This is an excerpt...

"I wondered who coined the adage; «God's Time is the Best». This adage is completely false though a very popular adage used in time of encouragement. When you say something is «best», you are comparing it to a minimum of two other things. The use of this adage especially when someone is reaching for something and it is not coming as expected is completely limiting the Almighty God that made the heavens and the earth. First things first, this adage is not in the bible and it has no bible premise or assumption.
The bible points us to the fact that God dwells in the heavens (the spiritual realm); the heavens have no time. So all time starts and ends on earth. God created the day and the night which is the primary index for time. If this is true, then all the time is God's time if we look at it in terms of creation. So which time is God's and which time is the best? I am sure you would understand why this particular adage makes no sense at all.
Now suppose we are looking at it from the lens of humans; this becomes a bit complicated because humans are not the same in terms of psychology, philosophy, demography, geography, etc. The general agreement I can surmise from people's reaction is that God's time is when what you are expecting comes to fruition. If this argument is true, what would you call the time that your expectation is not matched: Devil's time?"
You can check out the full article here.

It made sense to me, but then I wondered, does it really matter? Does over analysing make any difference when it comes to our Christian life? Does it improve it or what? Does it affect our faith in God positively or negatively?
Personally, I think the article has valid points, but I say, if saying and believing in "God's time is the best" is going to keep your faith burning in the Lord, go for it. Different strokes for different people. Telling a not so learned person/new believer that saying "God's time is the best" is a false saying would to me shaken them.
I say, leave the over analysing and let us keep on believing in our God in heaven.
That does not mean that I support ignorance.

Anyway, what do you think?


  1. I think belief in God is necessary for all things, you have to have the faith. However I believe God has given us the tools we need to be better, we still have to give 100% effort on everything we do. Trusting God/prayers should only supplement all other effort.

  2. Faith is paramount BUT we should also pray for the wisdom to recognise opportunities....when they come around.

  3. In order to achieve realization, prayers must be accompanies with efforts. :)

  4. this is beautiful fascinated buttercup and i love your name.soinds cute too
    i totally agree with you and it actually opened my eyes to a different view of Christianity.ummmm...its so deep and it makes me to ponder.
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    have a lovely week ahead!!!!

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